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Certification Programs

 One of the most controversial and debatable areas is that of certification. Certification in training extends to much more than listed above, but is really not much more than establishing a "chain of evidence."

 Here are just a few important factors that a Jury will look at during a in a civil suit trial in a Federal Court of Law with respect to certification:

  • How many years has the certification been awarded?
  • Where geographically in the country has the certification been assigned?
  • How many agencies have used the certification and to what extent?
  • Does the documentation require individual signed/dated record sheets?
  • Is the certification totally in-house or awarded through an independent agency?
  • What is the success rate in the certification by it not being questioned in a court of law?
  • Does the certification include various levels of training; instructor-trainer, instructor, basic certification, and if so, what is the criteria?
  • Is there a clear, decisive, unquestionable, court defendable chain of evidence that can be presented from the attendance of the officer in the program?
  • What are the credentials of the certifying agency and certifying instructors?

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