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Contract Training Proposals

"Cost Free and Cost Effective"

 We will prepare for you a contract training proposal, at no cost, specifically designed, developed and implemented for your Tactical Teams needs and requirements.

 We invite you to contact, Thomas J. Archambault to personally discuss your training issues. He can be contacted at the office, (239)-281-5181.


  • Information Sheet- relative to training dates, response to acceptance of course and other specifics.
  • Training Specifications- covering what the team or instructor will learn in the specific training program.
  • Cost and Provisions- specifying exactly what will be provided, instructor, certification and "backing in court." Information on what the department needs to provide is outlined such as; equipment, classroom, range and building/area requirements.

 The proposal can be overnighted to you by UPS/FedEx and/or faxed or E-mailed to you depending on the urgency for the scheduling of the training.

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