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Police / Tactical Operations / Military Courses

 We have several specialized programs to choose from. Search for courses that best fit the needs of your department or agency. Check out our schedule to see when we are coming to your area.



Tactical Courses

(Bilingual Teaching – English/Spanish)

1. Felony Vehicle Stop
A tactical and safe technique when approaching vehicles during felony arrests of suspects

a- Practical exercises using Sedan 4 Door, Van, Bus.
b- Safe and secure extraction of suspect(s)

2. Tactical Entry/Penetration of Structures

a- Practical team exercises wearing full tactical gear using handguns and/or long guns
b- Commercial building structures, residence, apartments (multi stories)
c- Proper breaching (doors and windows)
d- Proper use of flashlights

3. Executive Protection and Defensive Firearms Shooting

a- Level I (On foot)
b- Level II (On Vehicles)
c- Level III) (On Foot & Vehicles – Practical Exercises)
d- Exc. Prot. Management & Logistic

4. Ground Avoidance & Defensive Fighting

a- Practical exercises of ground avoidance techniques
b- Practical exercises of ground fighting & control techniques
c- Proper training while wearing full police tactical gear

5. Tactical Shooting & Knife (IEW)

a- Tactical movement (Handguns, Long guns)
b- Tactical reloading (Handguns, Long Guns)
c- Proper use of Cover & Concealment
d- Defensive knife techniques (IEW)

Tactical Operation Courses:


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