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Training Philosophy

At TJA Use of Force Training, LLC our training philosophy is grounded in the principles of safe, humane tactics that use the least amount of force necessary to control a situation. One of the ways we achieve this is to support public safety professionals in the use of a broad range of tools, and training skills to perform their jobs.

Our programs teach tactics using only less lethal weapons technology that is not manufacturer specific to products on the market. We teach sound training tactics without selling the product. Our training is conducted using related products and we make recommendations to use all kinds of products based on our evaluations, testing, and field reports. We believe a manufacturer’s product should stand on its own, abide by its advertised capabilities, and function with reliability. We only train on a product’s proper use. We understand that proper use, tactical application, and methods involving the use of any law enforcement product in a use of force condition can quickly become a liability for an agency. Most manufacturers only cover their product liability for the product itself. We are committed to training on the proper use and deployment of the products that will minimize the agency liability.

Some manufacturer’s try to force their training programs onto departments by using the approach, “it is the only program that is manufacturer recognized.” We believe that this statement is totally unacceptable. A product is a product and training is training. A product should stand on it’s own, abide by it’s advertised capabilities and function with reliability! They sell products, we train in their use. That’s all we have done, full time, for 38 years.

Training is education that goes far beyond a product’s declaration. Proper use, tactical application and methods involving use of any law enforcement product in a use of force condition can quickly become a liability issue. And ask for a manufacturer’s liability product insurance policy. You’ll find that it virtually negates training and covers only product liability. In this litigious world the manufacturer will nearly always put the training issue directly in the departments lap. If the manufacturer doesn’t, you can be assured the plaintiff’s attorney will!