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Certification Training

We have many GREAT courses to choose from. Search for courses that best fit the needs of your department or agency.
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Certification Training

Receive the certifications your organization needs.
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Our Staff

Our Instructors
Our instructors have extensive backgrounds in Military, Government, Law Enforcement, SWAT Operations, and International Agencies. We have trained some of the world's most elite units.
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Certification Training

We Come To You
The goal is to bring the training to you in a hassle-free manner.

Use of Force Training

1983-2021 Celebrating 38 Years of Nationally Recognized Training

Since 1983, TJA Use of Force Training has gained a national reputation as a leader in the use of force training arena among law enforcement groups, military units, corrections professionals, and security agencies.
TJA Use of Force, LLC continues to provide comprehensive and proven Crowd Control, Disturbance and Riot Control and Civil Disobedience training to reach our growing customer base. We provide progressive and judicious training to individuals and teams of professionals at the student and instructor level.

TJA Use of Force, LLC is committed to providing training on credible tactics in accordance with our company’s values and working with your agency to meet your needs.


Brian Clark

CEO/Chief Instructor

Brian S. Clark, CEO of TJA Use of Force Training, LLC has been a Master Instructor of TJA courses for 22 years. He has established his vast knowledge and credibility in the Use of Force over his thirty-year career in the military and corrections.

Thomas Archambault

President Emeritus, Chief Instructor and Founder

Mr. Archambault has trained and certified over 17,000 instructors in Use of Force programs ranging from municipal to Federal levels of Law Enforcement since 1983.

Client Reviews

We appreciate and value our clients` opinion greatly. We aspire to perfection by sharpening our training skills and improving the training. Your feedback matters a lot to us and helps become better.


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