Started on July 22, 2024

CORRECTIONAL – High Liability

Instructor Certification Course

Recognized by the U.S. D.O.J

Course Location

Now Being Scheduled at U.S. Corrections Facilities
Your County, U.S.A.

TIME: 0800-1600
TUITION: $895.00
Includes respective instructor manual/workbook, USB jump drive w/PowerPoints & documents; DPS Extreme Range OC Aerosol Spray; ERB Pak w/tactical carrier and 5-year backed in court” instructor certification. 


 SPECIAL NOTE: most Use of Force courses are geared for law enforcement (road) conditions, not jail conditions, “two extremely different work environments”. This ground–up program is exclusively designed and developed for correctional officers working in “correctional/jail conditions with potentially violent inmates.” Content emphasizes and has been updated to meet new De-Escalation & Use of force upcoming Federal standards. 

A one-week extensive and comprehensive (40 hour) “correctional specific Confrontational Avoidance & Use of Force instructor certification course.” The program is specifically designed and developed for corrections/jails based on new Federal parameters/standards on jail DOJ civil rights investigations, where the author has been a department expert. Since 1983, these programs have been in constant use and continually updated with correctional facilities nationwide. Fully backed in a court of law, not one department or instructor has been successfully sued in any correctional use of force condition. This program provides unprecedented credibility with upcoming mandated de-escalation techniques & use of force training for your department with five (5) year certification. 

Topics Covered in the Program Include:

  • Updating/establishing lawful confrontational avoidance & use of force department training standards and policy for all areas and personnel of the facility. 
  • Proper use of force training parameters based on correctional conditions from a national and Federal geographic perspective. 
  • Confrontational Avoidance Techniques; understanding the 4 types of anger, key de-escalation and proven skills, pre-assaultive indicators and more since 1990. 
  • Movement/transportation of inmates from within the facility to transport vans/buses.
  • Four (4) correctional-based control & restraint techniques, Emergency Response Belt (ERB) techniques & tactics and all types of restraints.
  • Shield training for disturbances, various entry & considerations for cell/unit entries.
  • Correctional based OC aerosol weapons certification. 
  • Written & practical exams for instructors & certification requirements. 

All TJA Use of Force Training, Inc courses are fully certified and recognized throughout the United States. Since 1990, Thomas J. Archambault & Brian Clark have been responsible for the training and certification of hundreds of response teams and instructors. TJA is regarded as one of the foremost use of force training firms for corrections in the United States today. The Company “backs in court” at “no cost” all programs & certified instructors in the unlikely event of litigation.