$125 - $795
Started on March 7, 20228:00 - 16:00


Team Member & Instructor Certification Course©

Recognized by the U.S. D.O.J

Raymond Detention Center
1450 County Farm Road
Raymond, MS 3915

DATE: March 7-11, 2022
TIME: 0800-1600
PRICE: $125.00/Operator OR $795.00/Instructor


A specialized three-day team member certification operators’ course for department corrections officers. An additional two-day program will follow the 3-day course to train and certify select CERT team members as instructors. Numerous situations and confrontations that are being experienced in correctional facilities from a national geographical perspective will be covered for present and future departmental training demands.

Topics Covered in the Program Include:

  • Updating/establishing an operational CERT team based on Federal law.
  • Assignments & Training Operations for numerous correctional responses.
  • Confrontational Avoidance Techniques© for the proper handling of verbally combative inmates to avoid physical force. 4 types of anger, pre-assaultive indicators; key verbal de-escalation skills. Updated for federal mandates.
  • Training in CERT use of force situations; various emergencies; control & restraint techniques; and Emergency Response Belt® techniques & tactics.
  • Team Cell extraction options; violent inmate movement methods for High-Risk Inmate Transport.
  • Disturbance Control Techniques; 12 GA Flashbang certification for Instructors.
  • Instructor: Proper documentation procedures, report writing strategies for CERT Use of Force situations and team actions.

3-Day Certification Course

Inclusive of: operator & instructor manuals/workbooks; DPS Extreme Range OC spray; ERB’s for each instructor; PowerPoints on a USB jump drive for instructors; “5 year backed in court” instructor certification and 3 year certification for the new CERT members.
[12 GA flashbang rounds provided for demonstration & for instructors]

All TJA Use of Force Training, Inc courses are fully certified and recognized throughout the United States. Since 1990, Thomas J. Archambault & Brian Clark have been responsible for the training and certification of hundreds of response teams and instructors. TJA is regarded as one of the foremost use of force training firms for corrections in the United States today. The Company “backs in court” at “no cost” all programs & certified instructors in the unlikely event of litigation.